Qube inWall Rack

The Qube inWall Rack system has been designed to allow installations inside of false walls, providing a neat and visually pleasant presentation.

When installed, the rotating base can be pulled out, rotated & locked on either 45° or 90°. This provides quick and easy access to installed equipment.

The inWall Rack can be extended out of the wall 460mm or 560mm.

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The inwall Slide Rotate base unit is mounted onto a 4 sliding rail system, which carries a maximum load of 113kg (250lb).

Our Sliding rails on the inWall fully extend to 460mm. If a longer extension is required, then a 560mm extension is available.

We have designed the frame to allow to be removed from the base, allowing for on-site integration.

inwall Slide Rotate Key Features

• Pulls out & rotates
• Extends to 460mm or 560mm
• Locks on full extension
• Locks on 45° & 90°
• Locks on closed position
• Available in 18, 22, 27, 37 & 40U high
• 480mm x 480mm footprint (460 Rack), 480mm x 580mm (560 Rack)
• Can be integrated into office or home furniture
• Can be positioned into false walls
• Slide off & on base plate, allowing for on-site integration
• 113kg Maximum load bearing on 4 rails


• Next day delivery to UK mainland

For 6U-12U frames view the inCloset Range Here

Part NumberQube inWall Rack - 460mm ExtensionWeightHeight
QU18/460/iW18U inWall 460 Rack with 4 Rails - 460mm Extension24.61kg880mm
QU22/460/iW22U inWall 460 Rack with 4 Rails - 460mm Extension25.41kg1070mm
QU27/460/iW27U inWall 460 Rack with 4 Rails - 460mm Extension26.41kg1285mm
QU37/460/iW37U inWall 460 Rack with 4 Rails - 460mm Extension28.41kg1730mm
QU40/460/iW40U inWall 460 Rack with 4 Rails - 460mm Extension29.01kg1950mm
Part NumberQube inWall Rack - 560mm ExtensionWeightHeight
QU18/560/iW18U inWall 560 Rack with 4 Rails - 560mm Extension26.53kg880mm
QU22/560/iW22U inWall 560 Rack with 4 Rails - 560mm Extension27.33kg1070mm
QU27/560/iW27U inWall 560 Rack with 4 Rails - 560mm Extension28.33kg1285mm
QU37/560/iW37U inWall 560 Rack with 4 Rails - 560mm Extension30.33kg1730mm
QU40/560/iW40U inWall 560 Rack with 4 Rails - 560mm Extension30.93kg1950mm


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