Qube Access 1K Cabinet – 800mm Wide

The Qube Access 1K 800mm wide Cabinet has been designed and engineered to allow the user to access the rear of installed equipment.

The specially designed rotating base allows the user to pull the rack out of the cabinet and rotate 90° in either direction. The rotating base is fitted with 4 vertical mounting posts along with its own cable management system, providing a smooth integration with the main enclosure.

Qube Access 1K Cabinets are manufactured to the customers desired configuration. The customer has the option of having all usable U space either set to rotate, or a section to have fixed vertical posts (as per a conventional rack) along with a specified number of U space set on rotate on the base.

Example: A 27U Rack (which only has 25U usable space) can be configured to allow the top 15U to be fixed and the bottom 10U rotatable, or the top 20U to be fixed and the bottom 5U rotatable.

Qube Access 1K Cabinets are fitted with a stabilising plinth as standard and offer the option of being fitted with glass, vented mesh, wardrobe or solid steel doors.

The Access 1K Stabilising Stand is available to provide additional stability and support the extended base from stress, when extensive work is being carried out.

Follow this link for the 800 wide Access 1K Cabinet Range.

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Complete Rack on Rotate

If regular access to all AV equipment is required, then the user can have the complete inRack Cabinet set on rotate.

The sliding base is locked in place when closed with a removable front plate. Once removed the base & frame can be pulled out of the Cabinet up to 1000mm, rotated and locked at 45° or 90°. This provides the user with easy and all round access.

Mixed with Fix & Rotate

The inRack Cabinet gives the customer the option of having the rack mixed with fixed vertical posts (as per conventional cabinets) and a section on the base set to rotate.

The user can decide how much of the rack is split between fixed and rotating vertical posts. A minimum of 5U on the base must be set to rotate, with a specified number of U space fixed.

Configuration Examples:

22U Cabinet: 5U Fixed, 15U Rotating

27U Cabinet: 10U Fixed, 15U Rotating

37U Cabinet: 18U Fixed, 17U Rotating

42U Cabinet: 27U Fixed, 13U Rotating

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Key Features

• Pulls out & rotates 45° & 90°
• Extends 1000mm out of the rack
• 20, 25, 35, 40, & 45U usable Space
• 800 wide
• 800 & 1000mm deep
• Slide on base plate, allowing for on-site integration
• Locks on full extension

• Locks on 45°, 90° & closed position
• U numbered vertical posts
• Rotation base load capacity up to 113kg (250Ib)
• 800kg total static load capacity
• Removable & lockable side panels
• 800 wide cabs fitted with vertical jumper rings (enclosed)
• Stabilising plinth fitted

• Top & bottom cable entry
• All round earth bonding
• Glass, wardrobe, vented mesh & solid steel door options
• Black in colour (RAL9004)
• Supplied with: 3 x Management bars
• 24 x M5 fixing screws
• 6 x M8 side bolts & nuts

Part No800mm Wide Access 100 CabinetWeightHeight inc Castors
QU2788/A100Qube 27U 800 X 800 Access 100 Rack (25 Usable U Space)116.66kg1389mm
QU2781/A100Qube 27U 800 X 1000 Access 100 Rack (25 Usable U Space)119.65kg1389mm
QU3788/A100Qube 37U 800 X 800 Access 100 Rack (35 Usable U Space)125.65kg1834mm
QU3781/A100Qube 37U 800 X 1000 Access 100 Rack (35 Usable U Space)130.65kg1834mm
QU4288/A100Qube 42U 800 X 800 Access 100 Rack (40 Usable U Space)132.65kg2056mm
QU4281/A100Qube 42U 800 X 1000 Access 100 Rack (40 Usable U Space)139.65kg2056mm
QU4788/A100Qube 47U 800 X 800 Access 100 Rack (45 Usable U Space)145.65kg2278mm
QU4781/A100Qube 47U 800 X 1000 Access 100 Rack (45 Usable U Space)159.65kg2278mm